Pesticide Environmental Stewardship

The Pesticide Environmental Stewardship (PES) Website  is sponsored by the Center for Integrated Pest Management. PES provides convenient access to information on proper pesticide handling. All subject matter content on this site has been reviewed and posted by Pesticide Safety Education Program Coordinators and Specialists from the Cooperative Extension Service. This website is intended for a national audience with links to state-specific information, where available. Crop producers, pesticide dealers, commercial/professional applicators and the general public will benefit from the information presented in each topic, or module.

Topic titles are listed in the sidebar on the left. “Click” on the topic title to view the introduction. Upon landing on the introductory page, a list of subtopics will appear below the topic title.

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PES content NEVER supersedes information on the pesticide label or in all applicable regulations. Always read and follow label directions before buying or using a pesticide. Follow all appropriate federal, state, tribal, and local regulations.

National Pesticide Safety Education Month

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The Third Annual National Pesticide Safety Education Month – February, 2020. The purpose of National Pesticide Safety Education Month is to reinforce core principles of safe pesticide use with many audiences and raise awareness of and support for the land-grant university Pesticide Safety Education Programs (PSEPs).

Disclaimer: Pesticide educators are welcome to use or adapt the content that appears directly on the PES website. Images or information at links may be subject to copyright. PES content is subject to change at any time, and may not always be up-to-date. Mention of brand names is for educational purposes only.